It has been mentioned a few times that The 2018 Hampshire Hoppit on June 17th is the same date as Fathers Day. Often in the context “I’ll need special permission to spend the day enjoying my running, when the family might prefer me at home for Sunday lunch”, that sort of thing. So we have decided to mark the alignment of Fathers Day and Hoppit Day with a special trophy that might mitigate this issue. It is targeting Dads where one of your children is over 18, and he or she is, like you, a marathon or half-marathon runner.
We are announcing a special trophy for the best placed Father/Child twosome in the two events (the half marathon and the full marathon). The lowest combined results of a father-and-child pairing will win a special trophy. So, for example, Father finishes 58th, Son or Daughter finishes 30th, then the ‘team’ gets 88 points. If they are the lowest point score, then they win. We realise that the Child may enter with a different surname to the Father (e.g. due to marriage etc), therefore the race registration team will need to know the details of the two family members such that the connection can be made in the race results service. The Father and Child must be in the same race to compete for the trophy (I’m afraid that we can’t have one in the Marathon and one in the Half Marathon). There is no additional entry fee for this new competition; it is just a bit of fun (or maybe not – let’s see how competitive it becomes!).
The name of the trophy will be The Hampshire Hoppit Go Fa(r)ther Trophy, and it will be a nice keepsake that will be awarded to the winning pair at the Awards Ceremony at the end of both races.
The Hampshire Hoppit entry system is being updated for all new entries from now, such that the Father and Child pairing have the option to identify themselves, and to indicate that they wish to be entered for The Go Fa(r)ther Trophy.

I hope that this is a successful and popular initiative.

Tim Fowler
(Race Director)