26th May- Entries Update

An update on registrations for the Hampshire Hoppit 2018:

As of today (26 May) we have 654 runners registered (the photo is the breakdown of the age profile, FYI).

The half marathon race is approaching its capacity, and we expect it to be full in the next 7-10 days.

The marathon race has more spare capacity, and while entries are steady it is likely that online entries for the marathon will stay open for longer and perhaps until race day itself.

I have had a few enquiries about Entry On The Day (EOD). It is very unlikely that there will be EOD for the half marathon as it will be at capacity, but there is a possibility that there will be some EOD for the marathon. Please keep an eye on this Facebook community for latest updates, and also the Hampshire Hoppit website. But if you want to be certain of a race entry then you are recommended to enter before race day, of course.

A few important reminders:-

1) The Hoppit running numbers will be sent to the printers on June 4th, and therefore if you would like your name pre-printed on your race number, you must be on the entry system by 9am on June 4th. Entries will be accepted after this time (if capacity is available), but these late running numbers will be issued without pre-printed names.

2) If you would like a Hampshire Hoppit 2018 technical T-Shirt or Vest, then the deadline for orders is June 1st. An order can be placed either when entering the Hoppit online; or separately using the Runface T-Shirt website and using the Promotion Code HOPPIT to remove the cost of postage and packing.


3) An update on the entries for the Go Farther Trophy, that celebrates Fathers Day on Hoppit Day! It is aimed at those Dads who have older children (over 18) that also enjoy their running. If you enter as a pair, and achieve the best combined result in either the half marathon or the full marathon, then you will win the commemorative engraved water jugs (one for each of you!). Please identify yourselves when you enter online (there is a special Father/Child field), or use the Contact Us tab on the website to let us know that you are a family team. A special ‘shout out’ for Father/Child combo’s for the marathon – we only have one pairing entered for the marathon at the moment, so the chance of success in this competition is pretty high. The half marathon has around ten family teams that have entered (at the moment).

24th May – Hoppit: Medals

Hampshire Hoppit medals have arrived! Green for the half and blue for the full marathon.
We love them and hope you do too.

12th May – Hoppit: Race Numbers

If you would like your name printed on your race number at the Hampshire Hoppit then the deadline for entering the race is 9am on June 4th! After this deadline, race entries can still be made (subject to reaching the race capacity) but these late runners after June 4th will not have names pre-printed on the race number. They will just have the number.
Also, on the subject of running numbers, is anyone celebrating a special birthday, or anniversary, or something that might benefit from an appropriate commemorative race number? Let me know (before June 4th), and we will try to get your special race number assigned.

11th May – Hoppit: Tees & Vest Orders

If you are ordering a Hoppit T-Shirt or Hoppit Vest direct from the Runface website, don’t forget to use the Promotion Code HOPPIT to remove the cost of Postage and Packing.

There is no P&P because all merchandise that you have ordered will be collected on race day at the Registration Tent.

Please note that the deadline for Hampshire Hoppit T-Shirt or Vest orders is June 1st. This deadline is necessary so that our suppliers can produce the ordered items for your collection on race day.

If you did not order a Hoppit shirt during your online entry, but are having second thoughts, there is still time to order now, using the link below…

6th May – Hoppit: Prize Winners (Part 2)

The Race Director (Tim) and his dog counting all the Winners trophies for the Hoppit 2018, and checking that there are in fact 28 correctly engraved jugs!

Why 28?…

  • Mens and Ladies 1,2,3 (Marathon and Half Marathon)
  • Mens and Ladies 1st V40 V50 V60 (Marathon and Half Marathon)
  • And Go Fa(r)ther Trophies x 2 (i.e. 2 for Marathon and 2 for Half Marathon)
20th April – Hoppit: Prize Winners

Very pleased to announce the prizes for the winners of the Hampshire Hoppit 2018. Last year we had engraved pewters, however for 2018 we have decided that we should try something that might be more acceptable to non-beer drinkers! For the 2018 winners, we have selected a high quality glass water jug, which will be engraved with the Hoppit logo, the date, and the prize category.
Would you like to win one of these highly desirable items? All you need to do (!) is to be in the Top 3 finishers in your race (male Top 3 or female Top 3); or the 1st V40, V50, V60 finisher (again male and female); or win the Go Farther trophy (i.e. the quickest father and son/daughter team winners of the half and the full marathon).
In addition, the 1st place winner overall (only), in both the male and female categories, will also receive a pair of Hoka One One shoes of their choice, and a framed 3D print of their run with engraved plaque.
Good luck!

17th April – Hoppit: New Partner

Delighted to announce a new partner for the Hampshire Hoppit, “PrintMyRoute”. They are a North Wales based 3D printing company specialising in the the 3D printing of fitness activity routes. They produce tactile 3D models of runs, in 3D layers, and they will be producing the Hampshire Hoppit’s Winner First Place Trophies for both Male & Female Hoppit and Hoppit Half races.

Any participants interested in 3D prints of the Hoppit route, or for that matter, any of their favourite routes or races, can order online by uploading their GPX file and using their 3D creator at: https://www.printmyroute.xyz/creator

16th April – Hoppit: Go Fa(r)ther Trophy

The Hampshire Hoppit is on the same day as Fathers Day, so we have created a special trophy for the best father/child combined score. We call it the Go Fa(r)ther Trophy.

So, if you are a Dad that has a son or daughter that might like to run in the same race as you (if over 18); or a son or daughter (over 18) with a Dad that might be tempted to run the same race; then it might be worth twisting their arm!

I’ve just looked at the entries, and, so far (with just over 8 weeks to go), we have 4 competing families in the marathon, and 6 in the half marathon. So – possibly – you have a very good chance to win!

5th April – Hoppit: Commemorative Glasses

Look what has arrived already. Our pint and half pint glasses 🍺 As with every year, ‘pre testing’ of the product is essential and we’re delighted to confirm…. it works!

27th October – Up and Running: Competition Results

You might recall that we had a competition to encourage early entry for the Hampshire Hoppit. Our sponsors Up & Running kindly donated 4 x Sub 4 technical T-Shirts for 2 x Ladies and 2 x Men that entered prior to October 4th.
I’m delighted to announce that the winners are Jeffrey Ingold, Gary Wright, Cally Morris, and Kathryn York. They have been randomly selected from the Hoppit 2018 entry list, using a Google random number generator.”