Change to Race Start

For the race in 2021, we had moved the start/finish to a new location. It is now at the top of White Hill, at the point where the Wayfarers Walk crosses the B3051, approximately 2-miles from the old start/finish. The new location offers a natural amphitheatre that will be an ideal meeting point, and it is in close proximity to a large parking field.

Because of the change to the start/finish, the race routes have had a minor adjustment, particularly to the final 2 miles.

Private Land on the Hoppit Half course
Please note that we only have access to some of the course on race day only, with the kind permission of the landowners. Below are details of the alternative diversions available to avoid the private land, if you are recce’ing the route before the race. Please do not risk taking the private land, as we do not wish to annoy the landowners and jeopardise our future usage.
Interactive Route Maps

Note: To change the map style, choose options top right,    or go full screen by clicking the    icon (left side of map).


The download link below each map (in green) is a hyperlink to the actual GPX data for both routes – i.e. if you have a Garmin or similar device to track routes, then this is for you.

Click here for a simplified version of the Hampshire Hoppit Marathon and Half Marathon route which also shows feed and water stations

Hampshire Trail Marathon (elevation gain of 650m)
Download file: Hampshire Hoppit Marathon Course 2022.gpx
Hampshire Trail Half Marathon (elevation gain of 330m)

Download file: Hampshire Hoppit Half Marathon Course 2022.gpx