Bridgedale have been producing socks exclusively for trail running since the early 1980’s. Their close relationship with the trail running community has created a feedback channel that is constantly improving their products. Their trail socks today are the most comfortable, highest quality, and hardwearing socks you will wear. It is no accident that they were the 2023 winners of the Trail Running Awards Sock Of The Year. Almost 100 runners of The Hampshire Hoppit 2023 purchased Bridgedale socks using the exclusive code last year, and because of its popularity we are therefore delighted to repeat the offer for our 2024 race entrants.

ND:R started in 2014 with a desire to have the best running sunglasses on the market. With a group of international athletes on their roster, they are constantly innovating and making small changes each year to improve the products. The exclusive Hampshire Hoppit discount offer is applicable to the Primary+ Sports Sunglasses, their most popular range, that is available with adjustable nose pads, Carl Zeiss lenses, and in prescription if required. From £55 plus VAT, they are a premium product that should last a lifetime.