Hoppit 2024 Flier

And it’s time to unveil our 2024 Hoppit flier…

Over the years, we’ve included photos of various local and national athletes on the flier. It’s a tough choice to select one photo ahead of any other, with so many wonderful images available.

This year we have selected a photo of Steph Twell, our double Olympiad (2008 Beijing and 2016 Rio de Janeiro). Steph competed in The Hampshire Hoppit 2023. This snap was taken at The Hampshire Hoppit, at the top of Watership Down, the highest point on the race.

Steph has kindly agreed to the use of the photo. Thank you Steph.

Chevron Traffic Management

We are very pleased to contract again with Chevron Traffic Management Ltd, the UK’s largest independent traffic management company, to ensure the safe road crossing of our runners at the Hampshire Hoppit 2024. It’s the largest single item of cost at our race, but we don’t hesitate, because runner safety is the top priority. Below is an example of the detail that they deploy to get the right level of runner and vehicle safety, at one of our four crossing points that are managed by Chevron.

One of our 4 road crossings that are managed by Chevron.

2024 Medal Design!!

We are delighted to announce the design for our 2024 Hampshire Hoppit finisher medal.
Regular Hoppit runners will be aware that we like to include a “fun” component in our medal design, and therefore we are delighted to announce…the sliding rabbit traversing the grass!

Also, we will have a beer tankard shape that resonates nicely with one of our unique race features; i.e. the ale for every finisher (non-alcohol options also available).
Huge thanks to Dave Stanley at Alive With Ideas for the creative spark that has made another exciting medal that aligns beautifully with our brand. We hope that all finishers will be delighted to share this medal with their friends and family at the end of their race.

Entries open now. Mark the date. Sunday 16 June 2024.

Another Racecheck Award!

We are delighted to announce that The Hampshire Hoppit has achieved its fifth consecutive Gold Award from Racecheck, for our race in 2023. We now have a full set of their Gold medals since 2018!

Our 5th consecutive award!

Announcing the 2024 Hampshire Hoppit!

We are delighted to announce that our principal sponsor, Kingsclere Stables, has agreed to the use of their private land at Watership Down for our 9th edition of The Hampshire Hoppit, on Sunday 16 June 2024. Their beautiful location is used for car parking and the Race HQ, including the Hoppit Start and Finish. Kingsclere Stables have been an ever-present supporter of our event, since the first race in 2016, and we are so very grateful.

We always want our race to evolve and improve, and we have made some exciting changes and additions for 2024:-

  1. We are adding a 10k trail race! The race start will be at 11:30am. The route will include the same race start as the half marathon and marathon, and then a single-lap circuit incorporating some of the best sections of Watership Down and Ladle Hill. Every finisher will receive an engraved one-third pint glass keepsake. (The half marathon finisher will continue to receive the half pint glass, and the marathon finisher will continue to receive the pint glass). All other 10k finisher prizes, including ale, goody bag, and medal, will remain the same. We hope that this shorter race will appeal to runners that are not quite ready for the rigours of 13 or 26 miles, or to some supporters of runners that would otherwise be waiting around while their partner finishes a longer race. 
  1. Hampshire Hoppit Hoody. We are expanding our Hoppit merchandise available for pre-order to include a Hoppit Hoody! All profits from merchandise will be donated to Hampshire and Isle Of Wight Air Ambulance.
  1. Bridgedale Trail Socks. We are delighted to renew our sponsorship with Bridgedale Trail Socks. Every entrant to The Hampshire Hoppit will receive an exclusive discount code for a Buy One Get One Free offer at their online store. 

*Discount Code will be emailed within 7-days of race entry* 

  1. ND:R Sports Sunglasses. We are very pleased to announce a new sponsor for 2024, ND:R. Based in Cheshire, ND:R have been offering quality running sunglasses since 2014, and are one of the industry’s leading companies. Every entrant to The Hampshire Hoppit will receive a 20% online discount on one pair of their Primary+ range of sports sunglasses.  

*Discount Code will be emailed within 7-days of race entry* 

  1. The Go Farther Trophy. Here’s a change to something that, sadly, we won’t be offering in 2024, the Go Farther Trophy. This was the award for the best placed Father or Mother with Son or Daughter in any of our Hoppit races. However, in recent years we have struggled to get the entries that we have needed to justify the competition. Last year, in the half marathon, there were 11 teams in the Dad/Child and only 1 in the Mum/child, and in the marathon, only 2 in the Dad/Child and none in the Mum/Child.  Due to the low level of interest, we have made the decision to withdraw this competition from 2024.