Hampshire Hoppit Update – 29th January 2021

It’s time to announce the design of the new Hampshire Hoppit 2021 finishers medal!

When considering our new medal, our design goals are simple. It needs to be a memorable medal, and it needs to be aligned with the unique aspects of our race.

What’s unique about the Hampshire Hoppit? In the past, the medals have incorporated the hilly race profile; the views from the chalk downs; the Hoppit bottle-opener; the fact that it was our 5th year. (Our 5th year medal became our Virtual Hoppit finishers medal, as completed by 800 runners in June 2020).

Here we are in 2021, and we have decided to return to the beer theme. The beer theme is unique at the Hampshire Hoppit, because there aren’t many races that have a beer tent at the finish line, with a keepsake engraved beer glass for every finisher to take a fill of Hoppit Ale from our sponsors at Loddon Breweries (non-alcoholic options also available!).

So, our new design echoes a beer pump handle, with a hinged lever that will allow the medal to be sat upright, to simulate at home the experience of pouring ale when you visit a pub. Sorry, there is no beer released, it’s not a magic medal! But we hope that you find it fun and memorable.

As per normal, we engaged with the design and creative services of Dave Stanley and his business at “Alive With Ideas”, and we have huge thanks for his expertise that has produced this fantastic end result.