3 May – Prizes

I’m delighted with the Hoppit prizes that have just arrived. We use local engravers, Jeanettes Engravers, based in Basingstoke, a wonderful service that I can’t rate highly enough.

Attached is a photo of a selection of the prizes. The wine bottle in each photo is only to indicate the size (it’s not part of the prize). And yes, the wine goblet for the lady winners really is that big!

Prizes are awarded to the first 3 finishers in each race (ladies and men)(half marathon and marathon), and also the first V40, V50, and V60 (ladies and men)(half marathon and marathon). And the Go Further water jugs are awarded to the best Mum or Dad finisher in each race (half marathon and marathon), when combined with the result of their son or daughter. Participants for the Go Further Trophy must be identified pre-race as a pairing (using the form at the online entry stage, or an email subsequently to the race organisers).

15 April – Nutrition

We are fortunate in Basingstoke to have The Fyffes Group as one of our local companies. Their ripening facility in Basingstoke is the largest in Europe. It is able to accommodate 117,000 boxes (or over 2,100 tonnes) of bananas at any one time.

So – happily – Fyffes have again agreed to supply around 1500 bananas (at no charge) for our 2019 Hampshire Hoppit.

We are very proud and delighted to have their support again.

9 April – Entries

I’ve just checked, and (as at 9 April) The Hampshire Hoppit pre-entries, at 455, are now at over the halfway mark, and considerably ahead of where they were at the same point last year. Thank you to everybody that has entered so far, and we look forward to seeing you on 9th June!

It is likely that the ‘Sold Out’ banner will be raised sometime in mid-May, so don’t delay if you haven’t entered as yet…

20 March – Beer Mats

An extra gift for every Hoppit finisher. The Goody Bag at the finish will include a beer mat manufactured from specialist wood pulp. According to the blurb from the manufacturer, “these are real beer mats the way they’ve been made for decades”.

They will be two-sided, and the reverse includes a trail running quote that we hope might be inspiring…..and, in case you are wondering, the photograph is of White Hill (and – if you look very carefully – there are Hoppit runners climbing the hill)…

6 March – Eco-Friendly

The Hampshire Hoppit is proud of its eco-friendly priorities. Our race is in the midst of some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK, and we have a duty to leave it as we find it.

If you have competed in other races, you will be aware of litter that can accumulate at water stations in particular. The main problem is empty (or usually not empty!) discarded water bottles and plastic cups.

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce that every Hampshire Hoppit 2019 competitor will receive a Hampshire Hoppit eco-friendly reusable collapsible cup! These cups will fit neatly into pockets in your race shorts, or in belts or backpacks if you are planning to use them, and we hope that you will use the cup at the water stations on the Hoppit route.

We hope you agree that a reusable cup is a small contribution to a better future for all of us.

use the loop and clip it for easy access
6 February – Official 2019 T-Shirt

The Hampshire Hoppit are delighted to present our official 2019 T-Shirt design!!

With huge thanks to our creatives agency ‘Alive With Ideas’, David Stanley, who has designed another memorable and impressive sports tee that we hope you can be proud to wear.

The T-Shirt can only be ordered in advance, either at the time of your race entry, or by visiting the online T-Shirt store by following the link below.
All T-Shirts will be available for collection on race day (I’m afraid that we will not be mailing them), and all profits will go to the Hampshire and Isle Of Wight Air Ambulance, a wonderful and worthy cause, we hope you agree.
The online store will close a couple of weeks before race day to allow for production.


Online T-Shirt Store

click to see enlarged image
18 January – RaceCheck
Racecheck reveals the best 2018 endurance events as voted by participating athletes, and we’re delighted that the Hampshire Hoppit made GOLD!!
The awards are the most credible for athletes looking to choose new events to participate in, judged 100% by actual race participants and based on the criteria of 30 reviews or more, rating 4.6 or higher.
Thanks so much to everyone out there that added their race feedback…
4 January – Finishers Medals

We’re excited to reveal the 2019 Hampshire Hoppit medal. Doubling up as a bottle opener, this year’s medal captures and celebrates some of the things you love about our trail marathon and half marathon. Incorporating the beautiful scenery which takes in the famous Watership Down setting and of course Hoppit ale which all our finishers receive in their commemorative glass at the end of the race.

Why the bottle opener element? We pride ourselves on the friendly, social and fun atmosphere we try to create and we want our runners to take this away with them until the following year and share their trail running experience with friends and family. We love our fourth Hampshire Hoppit medal and hope you do too.

We hope you’ll join us on Sunday 9 June 2019

14th December – Finishers Beer Glass

Every finisher of the Hampshire Hoppit 2019 will receive a beer glass keepsake. And it will be filled with Hoppit ale, a rather wonderful real ale from a local brewery, Loddon Breweries.

Half Marathon finishers receive a Half Pint glass, and Marathon finishers receive a Pint glass.

Here’s the artwork that we’ve approved for the Pint glass. For 2019, it’s blue!!!

5th October – Loddon Breweries and The Hampshire Hoppit – FREE BEER!!

The Hampshire Hoppit continues to be delighted with our partnership and sponsorship from Loddon Breweries. For runners that have competed in The Hampshire Hoppit previously, you will be aware that every race finisher receives a glass of Hoppit Ale from Loddon Breweries, served at the beer tent (near the Finish line). This activity has helped to define the uniqueness of our special race since we began in 2016.
Now, in advance of our 2019 race, Loddon Breweries and The Hampshire Hoppit are delighted to announce a special promotion.
Every 2019 race entrant can receive one free pint, of a beer of their choice, from the Loddon Breweries Taproom, if they visit the brewery at Dunsden Green Farm. The Taproom is open on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, every week, 10am-6pm (7pm on Friday). Dunsden Green Farm is postcode RG4 9QD, a few miles north of Reading.
This offer is valid from 1 October 2018 until 30 June 2019. Just present your email race confirmation or race number (if post-race) at the Taproom, and you’ll get whatever beer you like.

20th September – NEW SPONSOR

It’s been a bit quiet for a few weeks, so I reckon it’s about time we announce one of our new partners for The Hampshire Hoppit 2019.

Welcome to TRIBE Bars!!

Every finisher of the Hampshire Hoppit 2019 will have a delicious TRIBE Bar in their Goody Bag. Worth about £1.50 each, they are a “100% Performance Nutrition Bar”. Every Goody Bag will also include special money-off vouchers for future purchases of TRIBE Bars.

We look forward to working with TRIBE over the next few months. They are a fantastic addition to the portfolio of Hoppit partners – their company ethos and values match the Hoppit very closely.

2 June – NEW DATE

We are delighted to announce the date for the 2019 race, on Sunday June 9th, and entries are now open.

26th June – NEW AWARD

For the 2019 race, we will be expanding the previously named “Go Fa(r)ther Trophy” to accommodate Mothers that run the same race as their child. Previously, coinciding with Fathers Day, this trophy was only available to Fathers that were running the same race as their child. However, with the new date now NOT falling on Fathers Day, it seems like the perfect opportunity to roll out the award to include Mums too! Further details and the rules of entry can be found below (link to the Parent/Child Trophy tab).