Your safety and enjoyment of the event on Sunday is really important to us. So. with the weather forecast on Sunday looking very warm, I want to remind everyone to please be sensible in terms of your running effort. If you start too fast then you will struggle at the later stages.

There is no shade on much of the course, so sunscreen is highly recommended. If you have sunglasses, then that would be an advantage, and you should consider carrying water with you on your run. There are plenty of water stations on the route, however occasional sips from a bottle that you are carrying can be the best way to stay hydrated. If at any point you feel unwell, or wish to retire, please alert the nearest marshal and we will collect you, it’s no problem, that’s what we are there for!

We have everything in place to offer an amazing day on Sunday, with over 100 volunteers all focused on providing you with an enjoyable and safe day. We look forward to seeing you.