Q1: Enter your name:-

Krissy Lloyd

Q2: Are you a runner yourself?


Q3: Why do you run?

Because it’s safer for everyone that I do! Not running makes me grumpy!!

Q4: Have you a role at the Hampshire Hoppit, and what is it?

I do, I do! Tim awarded me the grand title of Head of Marketing! My day job is in communications and marketing but I’ve really enjoyed applying it to a different market/interest area.

Q5: Why did you want to get involved?

I love the ethos behind the event – it sums up everything Tim has achieved with our running club. We are a competitive club and we train hard to be the best we can be, but we love our social runs which end with a trip to the pub or breakfast in a cafe. This race had the perfect mix for me with a challenging course, prizes to aim for but just the most wonderful, friendly atmosphere and rewards for every single person recognising that everyone who takes part is a winner. The cakes were good too! We love a cake almost as much as a pint!

Q6: What’s the toughest part of your role?

All of our Hoppit meetings are held in the pub. That’s tough, really tough.

Q7: What gave you the greatest satisfaction at last year’s event?

I was injured last year, boo! So I volunteered to marshal and was at the White Hill crossing just after the big hill! I’ve never marshalled before and I loved it! All of the runners were so lovely, they were cheering and thanking me as much as I was them!! I’m desperate to run this year to experience it as a runner but if not I’ll definitely be marshalling again. I also got to work in the beer tent last year – again a tough job! It was great to hear the feedback from runners first hand and hear how their race had gone and to see the big smiles on their faces – that post run high! Loved it!

Q8: You’re a runner…. what’s it like being on the other side?

Honestly … last year I thought I’d hate it! I’m quite competitive by nature and had some rotten luck injury wise but I have just loved being involved with the Hoppit. I’ve spent years benefiting from the generosity of other runners who have staged events, marshalling in all weathers, time keeping etc for my benefit, it’s important that I’ve had my opportunity to give back in some way. I can’t tell you the buzz I got from seeing lots of happy smiley faces, people finishing a distance they never thought they would achieve…it’s great.

Q9: What’s the single one best thing about the Hoppit?

Blimey, tough question. I’m going with the people. From the super organising team and all the many volunteers who give their time on the day to the runners who last year were such a lovely, friendly, brilliant bunch who ran their hearts out on a tough course.

Q10: I’m granting you one wish for Hoppit2017 – what will it be?

That everyone has a safe and enjoyable run and there are lots of happy faces at the end.

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